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While everyone is shopping online for "black" / "Cyber sales" - lets take a moment to think about creating memories - not more stuff!

Gift Certifcates can be a perfect idea this Christmas.

Gift Certifcates are not for everyone, however often we have friends and family who do not need any "more stuff" but giving an experience can create a lasting memory which is more valuable than most stuff.

Plus - just a little more sustainable in some ways, of course that can all depend but considering our footprint when thinking of gift giving this season should be part of the thought process. Check out "our footprint"

We are super proud to also mention we "Experience the Grampians" is a Sustainable Quality Tourism Businesses!

Ideas for Christmas this year

To think of the bigger picture while we get all wrapped up (no pun intended) during this christmas preparation time, try and keep some of these ideas in your mind.

  • What is the gift/item you need made out of? Sticking to recyclable or compostable materials means if you don’t want to keep decorations year after year, you won’t be making a big eco foot print each Christmas.

  • How long will it last? If you do see something you love in durable glass, porcelain or ceramic make sure you’ll want to keep it year after year to save on waste. The big ones to avoid? Plastic and polystyrene – the less of these we can use the better!

  • Send E-cards instead of traditional cards to save paper

  • Use recycled wrapping paper or make your own (I have keet old calanders to use as wrapping paper) or add a nice tea towel or beach towel as part of the present and use this to wrap with.

  • Gifts - think about giving a memory with a Gift Certifcate. The added advantage to our gift certifcates is you can do a $ amount and let the person decide if they wish to book a silo art tour, chocolate & wine tour or heliocpter flight (plus more!) Visit:

Supporting your local businesses in your area is also very important and most of us do try all the time to do this - and it can be hard.

Here are some extra things you can do:

  • Buy local when you can, but if you can't....

  • Support them by promoting them to others, can be by word of mouth, or on social media.

  • Recommend them via online channels

  • Write a positive review if you have had a good experience or product

  • Comment, like or even subscribe can be supportive to a small business.

Why did we add the animals? Well, we see these guys nealry every day and they bring a smile to our dial and we just wanted to do the same for you.

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