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What is the Grampians Peaks Trail?

The spectacular Grampians Peaks Trail aka: GPT (164km) is a challenging 13-day/12-night hiking experience through a variety of terrain in the Grampians (Gariwerd) National Park.You can do the trail all in one go, or break it up into sections. Or if you are like me and wish to be dropped off at the start of each day and picked up, only carrying a day pack (not overnight camping gear as well) then that can be arranged with us. However you like to hike, this grade 4 and 5 walk is attracting people from all over the country and the world. Get in quick as limited spots each night on the trail.

To book your spot along the trail you need to jump on to the Parks Victoria website: Remember you can walk north to south or south to north.

Once you are in Halls Gap (visit plan my visit if needing to know how to get to the Grampians) You will need to be dropped off to the start of your hike and possibly picked up at the end. It is recommended that you leave your car in Halls Gap for the most secure parking. If you need transport to/from the trailheads and access points we can do thisTransport 1-3 people or Transport 4-22 people 

Need a map? Although lots of electronic maps do exist - you can't beat an old fashion map. We have the Parks Victoria GPT maps onboard so when we transport you to the start you can grab the map relevant for your section (north, centre, south) $9.95 each or find one at the Halls Gap newsagents & Brambuk Information centre.

Do you love books like me? Locals, Monica & Pill Coleman have written the perfect guide book for planning the Grampians Peaks Trail called Grampians Walks 2nd edition.  Or if you are just wanting to explore with days hikes - find their book online it covers that too. Grab a copy here  or pick a copy up at the Halls Gap Newsagents. 

Perhaps a digital guide? Check out this write up from the Slower Hiking, step by step and detailed information about the GPT with some amazing photos all online here:

Packages for hikers with accommodation - do you still enjoy some lux and nature at the same time? We have teamed up with DULC in Halls Gap to offer 3 and 4 nights packages (you can add days) and it includes all accommodation, breakfast, transfers each day and maps - check out the details here.

About the GPT

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