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Our Footprint

Take at look first at our backyard so you can too appreciate why it is so important that we only leave footprints.
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  1. We stopped giving one time use plastic bottles. We encourage you to bring your own water or purchase one of our reusable water pouch for $5 & we fill it with rain water for you.

  2. We only wash our vehicles & helicopter with collected rain water

  3. We only use local owned businesses for visiting or supplies

  4. We recycle all materials that can be recycled and only print when necessary otherwise we are electronic in our daily operations

  5. We volunteer with two big organisations for the region to help give back to the town

  6. When exploring the national park each vehicle has a designated "bag" so if we see rubbish we can collect it to take home and dispose of properly.

  7. We are mindful of highly visited locations, and for that reason we offer some of the lessen known spots to explore as dispersal is important for the environment.

So far we have

What you can
do when visiting

Caring for country

  • Take all rubbish with you (no bins in national park) leave no trace of your visit.

  • Keep wildlife wild! Do not feed or pat them.

  • Campfires are only permitted in provided steel fireplaces.

  • Domestic pets (ie: Dog) are not permitted in the national park

  • Drones are not permitted.

  • Visit less known spots

The most significant decision we have made

When you take off from Stawell Airport here

Roses gap Grampians Helicopters.jpg

To experience and see this

You will now depart from our own private departure terminal that we built to not leave a footprint as it is off grid

Airport Grampians Helicopters.jpg

inside hangar.

As of 30th Jan 2024
we have saved 
5.5 tonne of CO2 

Solar panels
on the hangar

water tank


Eco deck
made from
recycled plastic

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