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Just a guide

Did you just need a guide for your group? Are you visiting the region on an organised trip with your community group, club, sporting club or other? Do you already have a vehicle / bus and driver and just want someone to plan the itinerary for you and tell you all about the region?
Perfect - we can help you. Often we get asked to plan the itinerary & jump on an organised group and provide the commentary and "run the day" so everyone can enjoy and get the most out of your visit.

Want to book us for two or three days in a row - just let us know, and we can design an itinerary to see a little bit of everything while you are in the Grampians.

Just email us with the following details:
1. What date or dates do you 
2. What basic itinerary did you have in mind and for how many people.
3. Did you want drinks/food included or wanting to purchase individually at each location.
4. Any special needs or requirements which must be factored (mobility access, dietary requirements etc) 

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